The Journey Begins Within. . .

About Us

The MINDs Eye is a specialty retail store and healing and meditation center designed to educate individuals in the fields of alternative health and healing, philosophical traditions, and metaphysics. In addition, we provide a wide array of books, crystals, and holistic resources.  We host a variety of workshops and classes ranging from all areas of energy healing and spiritual study to essential oil and vegetarian cooking classes.

Get ready to expand your mind with our workshops and services designed to heal the heart and empower the spirit.  Relax you body-mind with a meditation class or experience the peace and strength of an aerial yoga class.

We look forward to meeting you as you begin your journey to a balanced mind, body and soul!

Jennifer Rossi - Founding member of The MINDs Eye Healing & Meditation Center located in Macomb, Michigan. Jennifer and the Michigan Pranic Healing team conduct free Pranic Healing Clinics and Meditations monthly at two locations.  With heart-centered awareness and a desire to teach, she helps customers and clients understand the benefits of alternative ways to heal the body.  Practicing Pranic Healing since 2011, she is an Associate Certified Pranic Healing Instructor.  Additionally, she completed training with Sol Lewis at the Michigan Hypnosis Institute in 1990. She is a licensed National Guild Counseling Hypnotist (NGH) and offers guidance and coaching to clients and associates. 

Gundi Gerhardt - Co-Owner  Having lived parts of her life in South Africa and Tunisia, Gundi has diverse knowledge in all areas of spiritual study. Her background and years of practicing Reiki, dowsing and other intuitive skills have given her life-changing experiences. With her universal/global thinking, Gundi see’s the bigger picture and the need to bring a new level of healing to Michigan. She works from the point of Love and brings joy to whomever she meets

Adam Rossi - After passionately teaching martial arts to children, Adam dove into the world of yoga and energy. He is now a Pranic Healer and certified yoga instructor.   Combining his understanding of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, he empowers us by shedding light on the limiting beliefs we hold.  Adam offers us insight and provides clarity about circumstances and experiences so we may navigate life more smoothly. His ultimate aim is to help us embody our true self so we can begin to utilize our endless potential.

Rita Jade -  A published author, poet, and intuitive life coach, Rita firmly believes that we all have the potential to rise above and heal our lives no matter who we are.  Rita’s work is all about inner transformation and spiritual growth.  She passionately works to inspire you to continuously live from your heart, to express your voice, to answer your call, and ultimately, help you live an empowered life.