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NADA AcuDETOX Protocol (Ear Acupuncture) 5 points ~ By appointments, private setting ~ Cost $35+
NADA AcuDETOX Protocol (Ear Acupuncture) 5 points ~ By appointments, private setting ~ Cost $35+
NADA AcuDETOX Protocol (Ear Acupuncture) 5 points ~ By appointments, private setting ~ Cost $35+

NADA AcuDETOX Protocol (Ear Acupuncture) 5 points ~ By appointments, private setting ~ Cost $35+

A special time just for you!

Enjoy the benefits of this wonderful detoxing - distressing treatment in a private setting while laying in a reclined position listening to relaxing music.  

Need more relaxing then add-on the DoTerra Oil Aroma touch hand technique for a truly relaxing treatment.

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NADA Auricular acupuncture offers a low-cost way to enhance outcomes and lower the total cost of cessation treatments. It has been shown to be effective in relieving the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine, alcohol, as well as illegal substances.

A NADA Acu Detox treatment…

 A non-verbal approach to healing that involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear.  Sit quietly in a recliner listening to relaxing and healing music for 30 minutes.

 This five point ear acupuncture protocol is used for treatment in, overall stress reduction, depression, anxiety, addictions, mental health, disaster & emotional trauma, abstinence from substance abuse.

 Benefits after a treatment?

Patients reported significant benefits including improvement in depression, anxiety, anger, impaired concentration, problems with energy and body aches/headaches, reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine, Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation, relief from stress and emotional trauma, easier connection with counseling, a discovery of quiet and inner strength, and a relief from stress and emotional trauma.  

NADA-style treatment is meant to integrate with other Western behavioral health modalities enhancing opportunities for success.

 The five points:

    Point 1 Sympathetic: balances sympathic nervous system, has a strong analgesic and relaxant effect upon internal organs. Reduces epinephrine/norepinephrine levels for relaxation. Calms the spirit, provides for serenity (yin time).

      Point 2 Shen Men (spirit gate): Alleviates pain, tension, excessive sensitivity; reduces hypertension. Calms the mind and relieves anxiety, depression, insomnia and restlessness. Opens connection to spirit (opens one’s heart); abitity to love self and others.

        Point 3  Kidney Point: stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions. Influences mental state and happiness, relieves fear. Reminds client of his or her will and intention to overcome the addictions; allows client to hear the positive.

          Point 4  Liver point: Simulates physiologic and hormonal functions; relieves muscle cramps. Aids in clear thinking and decision making; relieves frustration, depression, anger. Helps client connect with the internal self and find direction in life.

            Point 5  Lung Point: Lung is an important organ for detoxification; regulates pores. Aids in regulation of grief/sadness; improves sense of connection and self respect and integrity. Reminds client of connection with heaven; provides inspiration.


            ABOUT NADA...

            Mission Statement: The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), a not-for-profit training and advocacy organization, encourages community wellness through the use of a standardized auricular acupuncture protocol for behavioral health, including addictions, mental health, and disaster & emotional trauma. We work to improve access and effectiveness of care through promoting policies and practices which integrate NADA-style treatment with other Western behavioral health modalities.

             History: Starting in 1974, the staff and other professionals associated with the South Bronx's Lincoln Recovery Center spent 10 years developing the basic five ear-points NADA protocol for the treatment of addiction, using the diagnostic tools of experience and trial and error. They determined a need for a national-level organization to expand training capacity and awareness of the value of acupuncture as a tool of recovery. Incorporated in 1985 in the state of New York, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association has helped spread acu detox far and wide, nationally and internationally.

            NADA was established to enroll members, establish a collection of related reference materials, codify a training curriculum and develop a flexible system for registering qualified trainers and delivering trainings. NADA has since trained more than 10,000 health professionals, including counselors, social workers, nurses, medical doctors, psychologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, outreach workers, drug court judges, corrections officers and others to use the protocol.