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Outdoor Gong Session

Outdoor Gong Session

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Celebrate the start of Fall with an afternoon gong session sure to bring the vibration of this wonderful season to heart.  'Bring A Friend'  and get entered into drawing for FREE classes.

⭐️WEATHER PERMITTING:  Please bring water and a blanket, sleeping pad or yoga mat or a gravity lawn chair.

Christopher Davis of Sacred Wave Gong Immersions has over 25 years of professional practice in the natural healing arts. These days his primary focus is in working with groups utilizing sound therapy and energy medicine for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing. Awakening and empowering your own guidance and connection with Source. 

Sacred Wave Gong Immersions are group sound therapy in which the sacred healing sounds of the Gongs bathe the participants with sustained waves of sound. Our Gong Immersions do not require a specific belief structure or discipline of practice. We honor every individual's personal spiritual paradigm. We hold clear and loving space to allow everyone to engage in their own, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual process.